As it was a nice day apart from half an inch of snow I decided to get the things my mate wanted painting undercoated. So I mooched around and found some Zandri dust, now this is a lot darker than I thought it was going to be so I will struggle with the Contrast paints on them.

Now if you look at the walker you may notice that it seems to be propped up on something and that there is some definite Greenstuff in view… so there is a little story about that. When my mate originally built it he put one of the legs on backwards so with a bit of shenanigans I managed to remove it and turn it the right way round. Being extremely pleased with myself I superglued it back together and waited until it had cured enough and set off to spray it… it is true that pride cometh before a fall. I was just giving it the last squirt of undercoat then I noticed that my mate had put the light facing downwards. Now I hadn’t noticed this before, then I realised that the missile was also facing down, I thought it was a spare and turned the turntable to spot the missile on the top… at that point the horror of what I had done sunk in… never mind a backwards leg, I had put the whole bloody armoured box on upside down. What I thought were the guns were actually the twin exhausts! So it was then a case of cutting the whole thing apart and then trying to get it to go back together again. Superglue wasn’t working so I went for Greenstuff instead.

So there it is the right way up and curing… I will trim the GS tomorrow and sort out anything else that needs doing too…

I also managed to get some painting done on the Korsucan’s…

Definitely less white than there was yesterday… please note the stain below the handle… guess which pillock didn’t put the Contrast paint into the safety holder thingy. I looked like I had committed a murder.

These chaps need their boots, straps and shako done black. I will get on with that tomorrow. Whilst painting these chappies I decided to watch the film Assassin’s Creed, really wish I hadn’t what a load of confusing tosh. Not sure what to watch tomorrow, but anything has to be better than this. Now I really enjoyed Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia and various other game films but this was just way too confusing.

Tomorrow I hope the finish the elves and then make a start on the Valhallan’s.

9 thoughts on “Fantasy, Sci Fi and an Upside Down Walker

  1. Way, way back, I built one of those walkers to use for alternative WW2 and found it glued together fine with normal plastic cement – could be worth having a bottle of that in reserve for the odd time you might use it (I always use plastic cement on hard plastic models and find it better than superglue). Agree with you on the Assassin’s Creed film – I started watching it and gave up!

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  2. We’ve all done it, I know I have several times, it hard enough putting stuff like that together even when you have the instructions, thank god for greenstuff!

    Yes Assassins Creed was crap!, there was a film on Roku channel (free though now TV, and elsewhere probably) called “Alien Trespass”, That’s good fun and worth a look.

    Cheers Roger.

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  3. I wanna say that I thing I had at least two squads of 3 of those walkers, even posed 1 o 2 in a running pose! Ah the good old days of fielding a table’s worth of grand Imperial Guardsmen and there comically large and cumbersome armor! LOL

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  4. Glad you are getting the walker sorted out. I’ve certainly been where you are now with the spray accidents and stuff glued on backwards and upsidedown. I’ve also had several fun episodes of spilling paint … dumping an almost full bottle of red ink on the carpet in an apartment I was living in at the time ranks up there as a favorite episode.

    I have many fond memories of facing those walkers in my early days of 40K, when one of my regular opponents was an IG player who favored them greatly because he liked how they looked and liked the idea of them.

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