Yes the sisters escaped into the wild before they were rounded up and shipped off to Scalloway, there they were traded for others who would soon face the same fate!

I got this lot to paint next…

There are also the Karskin’s that I painted about ten years ago…

Here is my reward for doing the painty paints (as my kids used to say)…

Not a bad deal from where I sit 🙂. I am going to get the Flintloque minis I started last night Finished first and then I will make a start on the Valhhallan warriors first. At least I do not have to build these… huzzah!

9 thoughts on “New Toys, Things to Paint and Sisters in the Wild

  1. Going back through a couple of days worth of blog posts (took some down time to get over this cold I’ve found), and looky here, I totally missed the finished Sisters! Nicely done!
    Now, I could really get into the AVP gaming, being a retired Tyranids player myself, and I do love the M557 USMC APC!

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    1. I do like the Aliens world and bought the new RPG for it, I did toy with the idea of getting the new board game one, but changed my mind, as it is only dealing with Hadley’s hope. I must admit if I were to go for 40k the. I would probably go for the nids’


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