So this evening I got the face masks done as well as the rim of the bases and I think they are done now…

Well when I say done, I want to add some vegetation or something to the bases and then get everything varnished, as well as sealing the sand down.

I also made a start on my elf Rangers. These are basically Corsican’s (or Korsucan’s in game terms). So they will be In green jackets with red turn backs and snazzy blue trousers.

I made a start on the mounted squire too, well I needed to test the jacket colour on something 😂. I stuck some other things on bases too. We have an Othari and a dwarf on the strip too. The finished horse is I. The background too.

Hopefully the weather will allow me to spray more things white and others things in varnish… wish me luck as I am more than likely to do it the wrong way round!

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