Yes at last the Sisters of Battle are nearly finished. I worked on them some more this evening and got to within spitting distance of the finish line. I thought I had just about finished painting the miniatures when I realised that I had left all of the rebreathers unpainted…

I will leave the waterslide transfers for my mate in case he wants something different. So I need a quick edge done tomorrow and the masks and unless something else leaps out (which it probably will) then these should be finished tomorrow evening.

So what have I learned from this lot… we’ll a couple of things straight off… first get the bottom half painted at the very least before adding them to the base, secondly leave off the backpack thingies as it means I can get in easier…these figures have nice flowing robes, but they are a bugger for getting the basing stuff on, so maybe even do the bases first.

So anyway I hope my mate likes them and I should be able to get the next lot on Friday afternoon.

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