Tonight I worked on him and his chaps a bit more and nearly got him finished. I will take some proper photos in the light tomorrow.

I am going to try and find my Brettonian waterslide transfers and add some fleur de lis to the shield and the trumpet too.

I made a start on the lady from my Alternative Armies haul from Mike. I think I will repaint her skin as although she is meant to be a member of the Halfling native foot. I just don’t think it works.

The other lady was a Games Workshop one… I am not sure whether she is a vampire or a Brettonian…based on the sword design I would go with the latter.

I also am being side tracked again… more than likely going for an ancient campaign, we only started this conversation about 12 years ago… these were painted then 🙄…

On the up side I do have some pre undercoated…

12 thoughts on “Green Knight and the Ladies

  1. The Green Knight is coming along nicely and I remember and really like the Bretonnian lass. You should definitely paint her up. Although having said that, I look forward to seeing some Ancients now too! 😀

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