Tonight I got nothing done on the Green Knight as I played on Ark with my daughter again. It was good fun and we hardly screamed at each other at all, well except when the Rex tried to eat us and our birds… but that’s a different story.

Earlier this afternoon I did some investigating with the undercoat and Contrast paint. I tested the hand shaken paints first off at the tail end… it was dire, so I wiped it off the best I could. Both were shoved in the paint shaker for a good old while and I gave them a go again at the front end this time…. errr Yuk.

So not to be outdone I sprayed it white and retried…

Exactly the same horse

So it would seem that it is the white grey I was using… funnily enough it is airbrush paint, but I wouldn’t have thought it would act like it was stopping the paint adhering if it was brushed on.

I also sprayed this lot at the door, I wasn’t going out into the shed in a blizzard!

They are all Flintloque ones from Alternative Armies. According to an email today the new ones are on the way.

It really snowed today, and then tried thawing and has now decided to freeze solid. Luckily I don’t have any kids in school. Technically I have to drop my son off as he got a place due to him missing loads due to ill health, but I won’t be going if it is a death trap.

Oh I decided to read something to chill out today. After spending about forty minutes stressing over What to read I went for Mordheim. I loved this game and we have used versions of it in club games. It got me thinking that actually I could probably make a few changes and use it for Flintloque. I still have a couple of gangs, well technically four. The original plastic Skaven and Humans, my undead one and a chaos one.

This made me laugh a lot more than it should have done…

Another Great Far Side cartoon.

8 thoughts on “Snow, Undercoats and some thoughts on Mordheim

  1. Ark is a cool game not played it for ages.
    Your contrast experiment is odd, I get the difference between how hard you have shaken it, but why it did not like that first undercoat is just odd.
    And listening to the weather up there I’ll stop complaining about the wet in Manchester!

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  2. Interesting comments on the paints! I always shake, stir, shake for enamel and just shake for Vallejo – only have the odd problem with acrylics if the enamel primer dried shiny (which it does occasionally). But I don’t use GW paints so can’t comment on them at all.
    I love Far Side cartoons! 🙂


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