Yesterday I did a couple of test prints to see how the scale was looking. The fence was a bit on the large side and the buffalo a bit on the small side…See here .

So today I dropped the fence from 60% to 50%…

This seems to be better. It looks more like a farm fence than a zoo fence. I messed up by adding supports to it, so it took the same amount of time as the bigger one. These two bits took 44 minutes.

The next thing I did was to increase the buffalo from 60% to 70%…

Chasing the cows

The cows look okay too, perhaps a bit on the large side, might try 65% or perhaps I will just leave them as is. They are stage dressing for a war game table so they should be fine.

Actually when I look at the 60% water buffalo on the base with the miniatures then it doesn’t look too bad actually.

Am I taking this size thing too seriously!

So right now I am printing off a farm house with a thatched roof. It is done at the 50% sizing. It might be a bit big for a war game dwelling when one miniature equals a number of real people. We shall see.

The advantage of having the STL’s is that I can faff around with the sizes. I want to make a 15mm Force or two for my Ronin rule sets. If the house is too big for a multi base war game then it should be fine fir a skirmish game.

The building will take four hours for the walls and then another four plus fir the roof.

5 thoughts on “Japanese Terrain… Reduced and Enlarged

  1. I think they look spot on for size now! Looking forward to seeing your farm house! I’ve got the Ronin skirmish rules but haven’t tried them out yet, but they look pretty easy going. Might force me to get some of my samurai and Ming Chinese out to try a skirmish game!


  2. Those changes really paid off! Both look great scale wise and I think having the bigger water buffalo will make them pretty fearsome looking on the table 🙂


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