So tonight I got my STL’s through from 3D Alienworlds . They are really nice files but designed for 28mm. So I decided to drop them down to 60%.

First up we have the bamboo fences.

Now I am not sure whether these are still a bit big. I would really be interested to hear what other people think.

Just for fun I printed up some water buffalo…

Having a rest!

Funnily enough where I think the fence might be too big then I think the buffalo is a bit on the small side.

Tomorrow I will try and get some stuff painted (some more should be here by the end of the week). I will also give the fences a go at 50% . I got the farm and farm houses, wooden and stone fences so will have enough to keep me busy for a while with the printer.

7 thoughts on “Japanese Terrain …Starting

  1. I agree that the fence is just ever so slightly too tall (though I think you could still get away with using it) and the water buffalo is a bit small (though if minis aren’t close to it, I bet you’d never know). That fence should look really sharp once you paint it up as well!

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