More Sand, Different Desert

This evening we moved from the deserts of the Sudan to ones in Libya. We also jumped forwards about 50 years to a conflict between Germany and Britain. This time we had tanks. Or rather a tank each! We went for What a Tanker this evening.

My Matilda in the foreground faces off against a MKIII in the background. Although the Matilda was slow, in the early parts of the game she was off like a whippet across the sands.

I managed to get a ranging shot in my but failed to do any damage…please note the house the extreme left, it played an important part in the ensuing battle.

The only thing missing was the Benny Hill theme Tune as we chased each other around the building. We manged to fire lots of times, but kept saving the hits… once again my dice were on form…

Reload, Shoot, reload, shoot reload… this happened so many times… eventually my lucky dice rolls began to tell.

In the end Joe was down to a single command dice so we called it an allied victory.

It’s a really fun game with much hilarity throughout. Although I really enjoy the game, I reckon it is not a one I could play week after week.

Caravan Samurai

Yesterday and today I got on with basing some of the 6mm samurai, well actually the ashigaru (both yumi and teppo). My original plan was to plonk eight miniatures per base, however they wouldn’t really fit on the 20 x 40mm bases so in the end I glued only four on each.

Above we have the teppo armed ashigaru. I have the same number armed with the yumi. So 48 bases in total.

With the same four to a base then there will be the same number of Yari armed ashigaru.

Now interestingly enough I don’t seem to have any samurai infantry. If you remember a while a go I said I seemed to be missing some cavalry . I have rechecked and there aren’t any missing. It looks like both were in the same bag. Each one is meant to have 18 minis in and I have 36… I cannot find the three packs of foot samurai, that should be there.

Now as you know, I love my 3D printer, so I was quite excited to see these…

Lots to choose from 😉.

We had another good day today, it rained a bit so we played plenty of games. We gave Munchin Quest a go… first two monsters were a level sixteen and eighteen. Luckily for us they ignore low level Munchkins!

A Smidge on the Samurai

Tonight I managed to slap some paint on the samurai.

As I had been mooching about for the missing cavalry I did come across some of the Irregular individual miniatures. They aren’t too bad compared to the Baccus ones. It’s a real pity that the 2D6 ones are so tiny, they are really nice miniatures but don’t really compare to the others.

Today I got a parcel all the way from China… it was full of paint brushes, well around twenty of them. Now I honestly cannot remember ordering any brushes, apart from the ones from Wish about a year and a half ago. This leaves two options, first and most likely… I am a pillock and have a memory like a sieve, second is that I have received a random package of paint brushes from China.

On a totally different note, the printer seems to be hanging in there. The pole arms came out absolutely fine, so this evening I am printing a couple of ram cavalry… I am going for two at a time 🤞. Hopefully by tomorrow I should have four of them in total.

Well one day to go and the cough has started as well as the sniffles. Not a happy Bunny!

More on the Cavalry

Tonight I wrangled with the printer a bit again and got further than yesterday. One type of halberd isn’t working so I am going to redo the slicing of it to see if that helps. It seems to be failing at the lowest point so there is something wrong with the supports… anyway enough of printers. I got a bit more done on the cavalry…

I went hunting for another pack and then realised that this was actually it… it will do as Samurai Armies didn’t have huge cavalry forces. I toyed with the idea of a different colour for the cavalry, but decided against it. Therefore we have 15 minis in each colour. In case you were wondering I painted the horses in threes, then did the armour colour. I suddenly realised that one colour would have three black horses, so I changed one to the opposite colour to allow a bit of horse variation in both forces.

I also managed to get the archers done…

Now if I remember correctly then there are two packs of yari armed troops and one of teppo. These will need to be added to the sticks and then sprayed white, but I am pretty much half way to doing the whole army.

Tomorrow I hope to get some more done on these.

A Bit More Painting

Tonight I was writing more reports so didn’t have a huge amount of time to paint anything. I carried on with the Samurai…

Now to be honest I am going down and dirty with these, I am not bothering about paint splash too much…I will have to fix some missing red and blue though. Next up is to repaint flesh, spears and sashimono white.

I got the crossbowmen cured and onto some bases.

You can really see where the swords failed on the two on the right. Other than that they are really nice miniatures. I stuck them next to some of the Perry Miniatures Hundred Years’ War French crossbowmen and they are about the same size as them.

Starting on the Samurai

This evening I had some training and was meant to be writing more reports, but to be honest my head was mush so I printed some crossbows , had dinner and then decided to paint something.

As the Samurai were right in front of me – I started on them…

That is the first ninety six started. Although they are in single coloured armour I am changing hat colours to kind of add in some difference where I can. The pavaises were a nice easy paint… I wish everything was that easy!

Someone shared the following with me… I probably found it a bit too funny!

So here I am in the shed sorting out a print before bed… eight out of the nine printed… ooooh they are very nice 😍

These are straight out of the ISO wash and there are still some tiny supports on them. Unfortunately some of the swords didn’t print properly (along with the missing crossbowman). I want another four or five to make a unit of 12. I will probably pull the swordsman out and do four more crossbows.

All in all I am a very happy chappy!

Goodbye to the Greeks

So tonight, I followed advice and mixed the two Mediterranean base ready ranges together, gave them a sieve and then got to work on the bases. That is them pretty much done apart from some tufts and some varnish (oh a one base need their shield backs painting!).

So above we have the Phalanx and skirmish line followed by the support team and last, but not least the masses of Greek cavalry!

I am really pleased with how these have come out, yeah I rushed some of them, but en masse they do look rather effective.

They did take a bit longer than I expected, but hey they got there in the end, most of my Armies sit in stasis for at least 15 years, so getting them done in 3 weeks is super speedy by comparison. I might have a break tomorrow night and finish the tower, then get a start on my mates birthday present.

I had one of those days today, when everything went right, in fact I felt good about how things were going in work and then boom, someone makes a comment and I spent the early evening feeling inexplicably angry. What is worse it had nothing to do with me as a boss… obviously I need help 😂.

Two more days until my printer arrives. I am seriously considering getting one of the flexible plates that can be retrofitted. It makes getting the prints off waaaaaaaay easier!

Until tomorrow dear reader… I might eventually get around to writing the blog post for the other site….

Greek Expeditionary Force

Well it could be a defence force… depends if I buy Indians or Persians as my next army 😉.

Here they are from an oblique angle

They certainly have come along way since I sprayed them white

Come to think of it I added the musicians and cart since this was taken.

Whilst I was waiting for the brown to dry, I had a go at the tower for the 6/10mm Armies…

Hopefully I can get some kind of basing onto the brown paint tomorrow evening.

The Phalanx is Done

Well if you remember, I said I wouldn’t get much done on these this evening as I would be off gallivanting in the caravan, well… I didn’t!

I got it all sorted this morning with the change of tyre and jockey wheel only to find the off side had decided not to turn!

We went out for the day…Puffins and on the way back the clutch went on the car!

So we stayed in and I got to finish my Greeks… every cloud has a silver lining as they say!

So there they are, the final six stands. Here we have the full phalanx…

Hopefully I will get the whole army based, or at least get all the bases painted.

Regarding the printer, Amazon has sent me a refund, so this evening I ordered a new printer. I have managed to get a better ( and bigger) Printer for £10 less than my Zero. This time I have gone for an ELEGOO Mars. I could have gone for the pro, but it seemed to be an extra £100 fir an inch and a half higher build capacity. It should be here by Tuesday.

I might have to start on my mates miniatures soon too.

I Ran out of Steam…

So tonight I thought would crack on with the final six bases, I didn’t start until nearly 21.00 so unfortunately I failed in my attempt to get them finished….

Cloth, plumes weapons and shields still to do. I reckon if I hadn’t run out of steam then these would be at the same stage as the rest. It’s a bit annoying, but I might take them with me in the caravan tomorrow.

I am hoping I will be able to post something tomorrow, as we are off gallivanting then I am sure the other blog will get an airing.

To be honest, my other blog was going to feature these things…

What are these strange things bobbing around in the sea in various locations around Shetland? Answers on a postcard please…out of interest the big white building in the photo is Bixter shop… to the far left (out of shot) you can often see seals hauled up on the rocks.