Tonight was a bit hectic so not much painting happened…

Not much, but at least I managed some,

The Essex miniatures Militia… well I think they are. To be honest they weren’t as bad to slap paint onto as I thought they might. The fringed jackets however are a nightmare! My fringed jackets are cloth as opposed to buckskin. I fancied a bit of a bright colour hence the blue. They still need a fair bit doing on them. But I believe they will ‘come alive’ when their hands and faces are done.

Anyway to the milestones. My first blog post was a year ago, which is pretty amazing. Up to this blog I would have been lucky to make a week. I have tried blogging at least three times and never got past the first post.

The second milestone is that on the day the blog reached one year old was also the day I hit 1000 visitors. That is totally weird to me. I honestly thought I would be asking my wife and kids to come and reads stuff so I didn’t feel lonely. As it happens my wife doesn’t follow my blog ☹️.

So for anyone who has visited my blog or are reading this thanks a bunch as it made my day 👍

4 thoughts on “Militia and a Couple of Milestones

  1. I tried blogging in the past as well, but it didn’t really stick. I think finding a community this time around has helped immensely. There are lots of conversations going on, building relationships, and challenges to participate in. It’s like a whole ‘nother world! Congrats on sticking with it!

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