French Artillery… Further Work

Today was a bit busy,

I was trying to get the entrance to the shed wind and water tight. Managed it even though the double glazed window became single glazed… don’t ask.

Anyway a bit if relaxed painting calmed me down a bit 😖

I have decided to put a glaze over the red to try and blend in the colours a bit. To be honest though the look much better at about a metre.

Still a long way to go, but still keeping the momentum up. Tomorrow I hope to get the crew finished. Not to mention some more done on the howitzers and a start made on the infantry ensigns and sergeants… which I keep forgetting about… not to mention my long haired militia man (a simple conversion from hat to hair). He was my original Hawkeye.

The shed… with the new an improved window…🤬🤬🤬

The Militia are Finished

Huzzah…the colonel leads them out

So next up up we have…


Evidently there were only two howitzers. I have enough for three crews of four. So I am now on the hunt for a cannon to build up the fire power. To be honest I would have preferred a larger base for the howitzers but it was the only appropriate circular base size I had.

These will have red tunic and breeches, a dark blue coat with red cuffs and turn backs. I also need to paint up the ensigns and sergeants that I forgot last time. The officers will match in with the infantry.

As a total aside… my game came!

Once I have had a good look at it, I will write a post about it.

Militia…Almost there

Finished work late tonight, so not much done

Still the metalwork on the muskets to do as well as some more highlights here and there (the black hats for instance).

Then onto the artillery methinks. Three howitzers and crew.

Militia – now with faces

A smidge more done on these.

To be honest one can hardly see the any difference apart from the base flesh tone. I also added a dark wash to some of them prior to high lighting the clothing. Powder horns have had the metalwork added.

Quite a bit to do, weapons, hair flesh wash and highlights. Still, every little helps as the saying goes!

To be honest these are beginning to grow on me.

Militia and a Couple of Milestones

Tonight was a bit hectic so not much painting happened…

Not much, but at least I managed some,

The Essex miniatures Militia… well I think they are. To be honest they weren’t as bad to slap paint onto as I thought they might. The fringed jackets however are a nightmare! My fringed jackets are cloth as opposed to buckskin. I fancied a bit of a bright colour hence the blue. They still need a fair bit doing on them. But I believe they will ‘come alive’ when their hands and faces are done.

Anyway to the milestones. My first blog post was a year ago, which is pretty amazing. Up to this blog I would have been lucky to make a week. I have tried blogging at least three times and never got past the first post.

The second milestone is that on the day the blog reached one year old was also the day I hit 1000 visitors. That is totally weird to me. I honestly thought I would be asking my wife and kids to come and reads stuff so I didn’t feel lonely. As it happens my wife doesn’t follow my blog ☹️.

So for anyone who has visited my blog or are reading this thanks a bunch as it made my day 👍