After mixing about half a ton of concrete yesterday, today was a rest day!

I managed to finish the remains of the Sleepy Hollow set.

Here we have the remaining figures. Two agricultural workers and a blacksmith. A couple in their night clothes a member of the militia and a couple of gentlemen of a nondescript employment.

As with the rest these were a joy to paint.

The following photograph shows the full set.

They will join my French and Indian Wars boxes. I will make a start on the rest of my forces soon.

I am honestly not sure what to do with the extra militia I started painting with the Sleepy Hollow minis.

These match in with the Essex minis, but as can be seen from the photo above, not the Blue Moon ones. The joys of the different meaning of 15mm. I suppose I will have to live with the fact that som3 people are short and others tall 🤔

Today’s painting was supported by an appropriate film!

I bought this online, and having watched it today, it suddenly dawned on me that I had never ever seen the start.

I will have to make some suitable terrain to go with this set. I have some 15mm MDF buildings from 4ground. I did try to purchase some snake fencing and other bits and bobs but their Paypal seemed down and they haven’t answered a number of emails.

I am going to make various fields etc to break up the battlefield, interspersed with a large number of deciduous woodland bases.

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