Well today I have been under house arrest for at least 48 hours as my son developed a cough, he has Asthma, but he got sent homefto school yesterday so we were being careful and got him a test. The guy turned up at 12.30. So it is likely I won’t be back to work this week. Problem is I am not ill so I still have to work, so sadly no days of painting miniatures.

I was late getting dinner, so didn’t manage a huge amount of painting done, but any progress is still progress… funnily enough the pikes were a lot easier to paint tonight.

I still cannot get over the weird heads, but never mind. I also found time to slap some paint on a baggage cart…

It still needs a bit of work, but it is over the hump.thisvsmall cart is actually from the fantasy range.. jt’s designation is a ‘dwarf cart. I was going to try and get four bases of knights done, but it wasn’t to be. I even gota couple of civilian bases out too.

The printer has churned out eighty Pike strips so far. I reckon it should sort out my extra needs.

So my thought was to stop taking dates for finishing this weekend coming. This is not a catch and I reckon I can get a parcel pretty much anywhere in the world. So if you fancy joining in then give me a date. If you win, we can discuss what is of most use to you.

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