Tonight I finished the last of my Irregular Miniatures order…namely the two loaded wagons….

This means that I am part way to finishing the Imperial Army… so since I started on I have done this lot…

We now have the small matter of hundreds of resin strips to do. Now technically they should be faster as I am meant to be flinging some muted colours on some of them and doing the sides and back a bit brighter. Now as I have never tried anything like this before then it might take a bit of trial and error which may slow things down a bit.

We are now having a gale, so spraying the resin miniatures tomorrow may not go ahead. I am now off to cover up my toys as it seems the big shed has sprung a few leaks!

13 thoughts on “Irregular Miniatures all Finished

  1. Looking very nice so far, good luck with the weather, I usually take my blog pic’s outside as well as spraying the black undercoat out there too, so I know how ridiculously tied to the weather conditions we are as gamers (strange for an indoor hobby as it is!).

    I had a gale warning a few weeks back, luckily I was able to get her out of the house before my wife came home! ๐Ÿ˜

    Cheers Roger.

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