Tonight I thought I had better crack on with things so I put Dredd on Netflix and did some painting…

So here we have the front rank for two Pike blocks.

I then made a start on the Spanish Pikes…

Now to differentiate the two lots I did these in less flamboyant colours on the whole. There are some bright colours in this lot, but also a lot more browns. Some of the heads on the Spanish are weird, they have a sphere with two holes in it. I am not sure whether it is some kind of weird helmet or if it is meant to be an unhelmeted head. To me a Spaniard wears a Comb Morion or something similar.

The one thing I was correct about… I already hate painting pikes! Only about 600 to go😬

3 thoughts on “Landskecht Front Rank

  1. Great start ant they look fantastic, but not a good sign that you hate them already 🙄.

    Been there and it can make painting a real slog! Good job you have you support network out here to keep you going! (though after that comment I not counting me in this! 😁😁).

    Cheers Roger.

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