Light Infantry… Back to square one

Well okay maybe not all the way back to square one but I just built the last of the Light Infantry.

I managed to get these done whilst being forced to watch the Hobbit. Anyway 3 were armed with the assault rifle, 2 with SMG’s, an officer type and a couple of heavy weapons. The HMG was a straight forward add arms to plastic body type of thing. The flamer was a bit trickier in that I needed to butcher various bits and pieces to take it from a skinny armed flamer lady to a male trooper. I don’t have a problem with females in the unit, just the arms looked totally wrong on the larger plastic body. I even tried adding a female torso but it still looked wrong. The heavy weapons came from the ganger set and not the trooper one.

I am considering painting these up as ‘fleet rescue’ but we shall see. It all depends on how my Star Saga minis look.

I managed another giant leech or two (the other is still printing) …

I cannot remember what percentage increase I put into the splicer… but he does look rather imposing.

Finally we were redecorating a wall in the lounge so my birthday present from a good few years came down. I thought I would take a photo of him.

A nice original watercolour that is close to 100years old. One of these days I will try and find out some more about him/ the regiment.

Light Infantry…Almost there

Yep the LI are almost done. Some highlights on the weapons and packs and I think I will call it a day…

But of course me being me, I just had to start on something else… so next up are some large scary leeches and a very large scary leech.

The one in the middle is the same as the two either side except I increased the size by 150%. The one at the back is 100% scale.

I just fancied printing something different. The first attempt was dire, they pretty much fell apart. Heads fell off, the fangs on the big one all snapped. All in all a bit rubbish. So instead of binning them I got the gel superglue out. I reprinted the head of the big one. The damaged on will be used on a base and will be erupting out of the ground. I will have to redo the teeth/fangs with Greenstuff but it should work fine.

I have forgotten the designers name. I will add it into future posts relating to them.

And finally I had something new to read this morning…

I rather enjoyed them. I think I will have to try and find another set.

Gloves, Boots and A Bumpy Ride.

Well I managed another half hour or so tonight. Boots and gloves done as well as various bits and bobs too.

These are getting close to being finished, if I compare them to the start of the week then there is a whole load of differences. Every day there has been less and less white as the week went on.

As for the bumpy ride? Thankfully I was not on the Fivla today. Not my photo either, I nabbed it from Facebook, but left the photographer’s name on it… as you can see getting about up here can be a smidge tricky…

When I was head teacher on Skerries this was sometimesmy boat to and from the island and quite often over the winter this would be my commute…There were a couple of times I wouldn’t have lasted another 15 seconds.

This is her coming out the other side…

The Whalsay run is 20 minutes, a bit longer if they have to go into Vidlin instead of Laxo. My run to Skerries was over an hour from Vidlin and over two to Lerwick. Ahh the joys, this is today by the way…. 3rd May strong winds, a heavy swell and really heavy hail.

I have a parcel waiting for me at the post office, I reckon it is my Starship Troopers comic type graphic novelesque thingies…

My Starship Troopers audio book ended and this 40k Novel started automatically… I am quite enjoying it to be honest… 40k is normally not my thing, but I have found I want to carry on with it.

I am hoping to get the troopers finished tomorrow, then onto the Plasma Bug.

Troopers … Packs and Pea Shooters

I managed another half hour tonight, I used to manage a couple of hours straight, but right now I can just about manage half an hour painting. My wet palette has been really useful as it allows me to do the half hour, close the lid and come back to it in @ day or two.

Anyway I mixed up a batch of dark blue and black at a ratio of about 1:1. This is the base colour for my packs and weapons. I am getting there with these but they seem to be taking their time.

Part of this is the 30 minutes a night and Zi think the other part is that I am trying to do more shading and highlighting.

I did a day’s teaching in one of our smaller schools today and snapped a view from my commute home. The photo was a panorama, but is all squashed up on here… still not a bad view. It was a bit rushed as I was avoiding the heavy hail showers.

Tiny is doing well, still the only one to hatch but has grasped the intricacies of eating and drinking. I am hoping that he/she will get some chums soon…

More Troopers

I had asked Doug over at EM4 if there were any if the metal arms for the plastic troopers. Sadly there were none and were not likely to be going to be any either. But a little while ago he emailed me to apologise that his other company Moonraker Miniatures had some left. I thought this was jolly decent of him as I wouldn’t be spending hundreds of pounds on a couple of packets of arms.

So the order arrived today.

I have built one set up using the command sprue arm set and the Ganger heavy weapons set. The later are for gangers as the name implies and not really for the troopers. A couple fitted so these became heavy weapons and the rest became a medic, an officer and a comms trooper.

Not knowing really what I was getting in this set, I also ordered some metal miniatures

From left to right, heavy weapons, sniper/scout, comms and an obvious officer type. My initial idea is that in the RPG as the players specialise then they can choose a new miniature if they want.

I will attempt to get these painted up sometime soon.

As I was driving to pick up some horse feed I drove past some more of Lerwick’s defences….

The photos taken of the bunkers etc were on the skyline. The original road block is about 60m in front of my car.

If the weather is good this weekend I will mosey along to the battery and get some photos.