Well okay maybe not all the way back to square one but I just built the last of the Light Infantry.

I managed to get these done whilst being forced to watch the Hobbit. Anyway 3 were armed with the assault rifle, 2 with SMG’s, an officer type and a couple of heavy weapons. The HMG was a straight forward add arms to plastic body type of thing. The flamer was a bit trickier in that I needed to butcher various bits and pieces to take it from a skinny armed flamer lady to a male trooper. I don’t have a problem with females in the unit, just the arms looked totally wrong on the larger plastic body. I even tried adding a female torso but it still looked wrong. The heavy weapons came from the ganger set and not the trooper one.

I am considering painting these up as ‘fleet rescue’ but we shall see. It all depends on how my Star Saga minis look.

I managed another giant leech or two (the other is still printing) …

I cannot remember what percentage increase I put into the splicer… but he does look rather imposing.

Finally we were redecorating a wall in the lounge so my birthday present from a good few years came down. I thought I would take a photo of him.

A nice original watercolour that is close to 100years old. One of these days I will try and find out some more about him/ the regiment.

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