Yep the LI are almost done. Some highlights on the weapons and packs and I think I will call it a day…

But of course me being me, I just had to start on something else… so next up are some large scary leeches and a very large scary leech.

The one in the middle is the same as the two either side except I increased the size by 150%. The one at the back is 100% scale.

I just fancied printing something different. The first attempt was dire, they pretty much fell apart. Heads fell off, the fangs on the big one all snapped. All in all a bit rubbish. So instead of binning them I got the gel superglue out. I reprinted the head of the big one. The damaged on will be used on a base and will be erupting out of the ground. I will have to redo the teeth/fangs with Greenstuff but it should work fine.

I have forgotten the designers name. I will add it into future posts relating to them.

And finally I had something new to read this morning…

I rather enjoyed them. I think I will have to try and find another set.

3 thoughts on “Light Infantry…Almost there

  1. Oh dear, Starship Troopers graphic novels/comics! 😉 Now you’ve posted that I’ll have to try and get some!
    Good progress on the troops and I like the leeches! I’ve got a similar couple stashed away for steampunk/VSF that maybe now need to come out and get painted.

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