Well I managed another half hour or so tonight. Boots and gloves done as well as various bits and bobs too.

These are getting close to being finished, if I compare them to the start of the week then there is a whole load of differences. Every day there has been less and less white as the week went on.

As for the bumpy ride? Thankfully I was not on the Fivla today. Not my photo either, I nabbed it from Facebook, but left the photographer’s name on it… as you can see getting about up here can be a smidge tricky…

When I was head teacher on Skerries this was sometimesmy boat to and from the island and quite often over the winter this would be my commute…There were a couple of times I wouldn’t have lasted another 15 seconds.

This is her coming out the other side…

The Whalsay run is 20 minutes, a bit longer if they have to go into Vidlin instead of Laxo. My run to Skerries was over an hour from Vidlin and over two to Lerwick. Ahh the joys, this is today by the way…. 3rd May strong winds, a heavy swell and really heavy hail.

I have a parcel waiting for me at the post office, I reckon it is my Starship Troopers comic type graphic novelesque thingies…

My Starship Troopers audio book ended and this 40k Novel started automatically… I am quite enjoying it to be honest… 40k is normally not my thing, but I have found I want to carry on with it.

I am hoping to get the troopers finished tomorrow, then onto the Plasma Bug.

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