I had asked Doug over at EM4 if there were any if the metal arms for the plastic troopers. Sadly there were none and were not likely to be going to be any either. But a little while ago he emailed me to apologise that his other company Moonraker Miniatures had some left. I thought this was jolly decent of him as I wouldn’t be spending hundreds of pounds on a couple of packets of arms.

So the order arrived today.

I have built one set up using the command sprue arm set and the Ganger heavy weapons set. The later are for gangers as the name implies and not really for the troopers. A couple fitted so these became heavy weapons and the rest became a medic, an officer and a comms trooper.

Not knowing really what I was getting in this set, I also ordered some metal miniatures

From left to right, heavy weapons, sniper/scout, comms and an obvious officer type. My initial idea is that in the RPG as the players specialise then they can choose a new miniature if they want.

I will attempt to get these painted up sometime soon.

As I was driving to pick up some horse feed I drove past some more of Lerwick’s defences….

The photos taken of the bunkers etc were on the skyline. The original road block is about 60m in front of my car.

If the weather is good this weekend I will mosey along to the battery and get some photos.

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