Dark Future…Operatives

I have some operatives for the Interceptors…

Maybe a bit in the small side but I loved the poses. One rushing forwards and the other holding his torch and handgun.

These are from Elheim there was a bit of a whoops with my order, for some reason some figures had been put into the wrong bag so COP2 (above) turned out to be COP3 (uniformed chappies with hand guns)

I haven’t managed to finish them yet, but they are getting there…

Not sure what I will get up to tomorrow night as I am helping mother in law out as Father in law is in hospital, there is pony riding, firework party and then I have to collect all of my stuff I wish to sell on Sunday (one if the clubs is having a sell your stuff day).

I have decided that I want a 3D printer so I need to sell some stuff to afford it.

Dark Future… the Final Countdown

Nearly there….

I have added various bits from a WW2 Char B to the renegade as well as a supercharger to the Interceptor (can’t remember what it was on the tank)…

I added some chain to the front of the Renegade as well as a hefty aerial, a rail and some metal gubbins on the roof.

The waterslide transfers gave me a nice vehicle number as well as a suitable name… how appropriate was the name considering I had painted the back yellow and black.

The boar came from some old Brettonian stuff I had or rather still have…11 sheets of various heraldic icons.

Tomorrow I will add some bags and Jerry cans to the Renegade.

Dark Future…Further Painting

I got in late tonight

so only managed to do a smidge on these.

I decided to redo the green and then went a bit wild adding dots. It looks better at a distance than an extreme close up. Mr Skull got some superglue onto it and then I dropped it on the floor. Only took me 5 minutes to find it. It is very, very small!

I ordered some drivers from Elheim as well as some armour plates and Jerry cans etc.

We shall see how they go into the vehicles.

Dark Future… Messing About With Greenstuff

No painting tonight…

But I did have a play about with weapon configuration…

I felt the lighter guns were more streamlined on the right. The top of the interceptor will be a turret, containing either a chain gun or a 40mm grenade launcher.

The skeleton volunteered his head to act as a hood ornament, which was jolly decent of him 😁.

Whilst having a mooch for things I came across a nice little oil drum, this fits these cars really well. So I sought out my reusable moulding stuff and made a simple mould. This stuff has been used with Milliput and unfortunately has left a nasty residue. And over time this has worked into the material. It still seems to work though.

Now a sensible person would have put it into the mould with the mould line in line with the two halves…. sensible and me was discussed yesterday…this is a proof of concept test run….that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Finally the Greenstuff tool was hauled out and put to use to make the following…

I am not sure what it is meant to be but it fills in a couple of holes. The mould seems to have worked too 😁.

I am out working on internet safety tomorrow evening so I am not sure how far I will get on these.

Dark Future – the Exteriors

I managed a bit on the external parts of the car.

The Green on the camouflage is a bit too light as it doesn’t show up too well.

These have still a fair way to go, I need to highlight and shade them both.

The biggest problem is what to do with all of the holes. The buggy is going to have a couple of guns, some skulls and various bits and bobs that befit a wasteland raider. The interceptor will just look wrong with stuff draped all over it. Too many guns will just look wrong. I will have to have a think. A sensible person would have filled the spare holes first. I aspire to be a sensible person one day😉.

I contacted Ramshackle today to see if they would just do some drivers, if not then Elheim do some as well as gangers.

If I need Zombies I reckon I have enough…

Slightly on the large side, but who cares!

Well me actually….now that I see that I can’t unsee it… grrrrrr!

Dark Future, the Interiors

Made a bit of a start painting the cockpits on the cars. Brown seats for the buggy types and coloured for the Interceptors.

I also added lots of bright buttons and lights as well as trying some dashboards…

I actually only needed to paint the engines on two. They can only be seen on the buggies!

I have already started on a blue interceptor to match the seat cover 😉. Too be honest I am a bit worried as to what these will come out like. Edge highlighting has never been my forte. More like my minus forty. But it is something different. I will have a mooch online to see what inspiration I can get.

I only wish I had drivers to add into them. The original drivers had the steering wheel moulded onto them. These will look a bit weird without them.

Having had a look I can get some from Ramshackle games, problem is I only need 4 drivers, they have a good deal on their stuff but do I pay £20 for stuff I will never use?

I will have to have a think on that.

Dark Future

The Game of Highway Warriors

My little boy wanted to get my AvP figures out and go on a bug hunt, we have been sorting out lately and the figures were out in the shed. As it was raining, we thought we would try something different. He didn’t fancy x-wing so I dragged this out of the cupboard.

My two youngest and I had a bit of a race. Somehow I ended up with the Renegade with a light machine gun. Whilst they both had Interceptors with a heavy machine gun.

Sadly over time the boards must have been damp and have warped rather badly, but we still had fun.

I am trailing behind, letting rip with the machine gun. Sadly, for me anyway, I dropped too far behind and ended up out of the race, running over a mine probably didn’t help.

He dropped his last mine and his sister took a lot of damage, but not enough to stop her.

As he sped towards the finish line she let rip with her heavy weapon and, although technically he won, he crossed the finish line with his car, not to mention his body in tatters.

They have decided they want another bash tomorrow evening.

Drastic measures are being taken to flatten out the boards before tomorrow night.

I do have Gaslands, however I haven’t sorted out the dice or templates yet. We may progress onto it when I get them done.