No painting tonight…

But I did have a play about with weapon configuration…

I felt the lighter guns were more streamlined on the right. The top of the interceptor will be a turret, containing either a chain gun or a 40mm grenade launcher.

The skeleton volunteered his head to act as a hood ornament, which was jolly decent of him 😁.

Whilst having a mooch for things I came across a nice little oil drum, this fits these cars really well. So I sought out my reusable moulding stuff and made a simple mould. This stuff has been used with Milliput and unfortunately has left a nasty residue. And over time this has worked into the material. It still seems to work though.

Now a sensible person would have put it into the mould with the mould line in line with the two halves…. sensible and me was discussed yesterday…this is a proof of concept test run….that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Finally the Greenstuff tool was hauled out and put to use to make the following…

I am not sure what it is meant to be but it fills in a couple of holes. The mould seems to have worked too 😁.

I am out working on internet safety tomorrow evening so I am not sure how far I will get on these.

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