Made a bit of a start painting the cockpits on the cars. Brown seats for the buggy types and coloured for the Interceptors.

I also added lots of bright buttons and lights as well as trying some dashboards…

I actually only needed to paint the engines on two. They can only be seen on the buggies!

I have already started on a blue interceptor to match the seat cover 😉. Too be honest I am a bit worried as to what these will come out like. Edge highlighting has never been my forte. More like my minus forty. But it is something different. I will have a mooch online to see what inspiration I can get.

I only wish I had drivers to add into them. The original drivers had the steering wheel moulded onto them. These will look a bit weird without them.

Having had a look I can get some from Ramshackle games, problem is I only need 4 drivers, they have a good deal on their stuff but do I pay £20 for stuff I will never use?

I will have to have a think on that.

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