I have some operatives for the Interceptors…

Maybe a bit in the small side but I loved the poses. One rushing forwards and the other holding his torch and handgun.

These are from Elheim there was a bit of a whoops with my order, for some reason some figures had been put into the wrong bag so COP2 (above) turned out to be COP3 (uniformed chappies with hand guns)

I haven’t managed to finish them yet, but they are getting there…

Not sure what I will get up to tomorrow night as I am helping mother in law out as Father in law is in hospital, there is pony riding, firework party and then I have to collect all of my stuff I wish to sell on Sunday (one if the clubs is having a sell your stuff day).

I have decided that I want a 3D printer so I need to sell some stuff to afford it.

10 thoughts on “Dark Future…Operatives

  1. Once again, I’m with Pete on this bunch! Cars look good, figures look good (I like Elheim figures)! Hope the weekend goes well with everything that’s planned.
    P.S. Do you realise that since you mentioned adding the tank kit bits to the cars I have racked my brains to work out what the bit is you used for the supercharger/intake on the interceptor! I spotted the Char B aerial and guard rail on the other car but cannot work out what that other bit is! 🙂

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