So I printed the grunt in 28 and 15mm and had a good look at him. This range is a bit squat to be honest, but for 3D printing it will mean they don’t snap off at the ankles.

Very tempted to jump in. I will get US, NVA as well as VC. Vehicles and heavy weapons and of course the Huey,

But why I hear you cry? Or possibly it was my good lady.

Since the 80’s I have had a fascination with the conflict and ran a LRRP role play game in the club a good few years ago. I found the cardboard miniatures and maps the other day and got all nostalgic. This Kickstarter appeared when I had a mooch. I have looked at their other ranges in the past and have gone straight past… thus one actually made me pause and consider.

There are three days left before the end so big thinks are going to have to be thunk.

So it may be time to board the slick. Lock and load and head out into the boondocks and look for Charlie.

All Together Now: Sing along

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