Well not really… I worked on the froggies a bit this evening…

I also blasted a white undercoat onto the grunt.

I will try and get some paint onto him tomorrow. Three days left to jump in or not.

I watched the Army of the Dead tonight… I found it Meh!

4 thoughts on “Frogs in the Nam

  1. Froggies are hopping along, haha! Man, Army of the Dead sucked. I was disappointed because I really enjoyed his Dawn of the Dead movie. The teen like it though, so I guess that’s who they were targeting.

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    1. There were some good bits, but as a whole, not good. The two characters I actually liked were Sebastian and the head zombie dude. It was a by the numbers Zombie flick with the usual never ending ammunition, unless the plot required it.

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      1. I didn’t like any of the characters, which probably didn’t help. I also just found out there is a tv show!? How does such a poorly rated movie get its own show?! 🤪

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