So I printed the next unit of twelve goblins… have I finished my Mordheim project… errr No!

Should I be finishing my Mordheim project… Yes!

Should I be finishing my Mordheim project… most definitely Yes!

Am I?

But they are so cute!

To be fair, I have had one of those days at work and frankly cannot be bothered to paint anything… perhaps I should zap myself again… it worked last time!

I also have an architectural decision to make regarding a building…

The columns make it look more impressive but add height and are more likely to get damaged in transit. The dome on its own works, but if I took it off something could stand on the nice flat bit….

6 thoughts on “More Goblins

  1. Those goblins ARE cute! The dome doesn’t look right to me, placed directly on the base. Probably because there is a chip out of the section below it and no damage to the base above it.

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