Tonight I decided to get to grips with the tuft box. By the end I was making progress whilst being somewhat grass covered myself.

First off I tried 4mm and got good results. I then tried 6mm with a lot less success.

Left 4mm. Top right flock box 6mm. Middle 6mm from above

First off the 6mm on the box didn’t really do much as it had clumped up too much so after a bit of head scratching I got rid of as many as I could. They came out ok in the end after a bit if shaking from above. I did some blobs and the static pulled a couple off the paper. I shall not be beaten so I decided to de-ball myself, or rather the static grass!

I shove my balls in this device and shake them from side to side I then believe things will be better.

Like the box, I will have to play with some balls until I am happy with the outcome.

Finally this evening I printed the first of my Swamp Goblins…

I am in the process of printing a unit with hand weapons right now.

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