This evening we had another game if the One Ring. The party ended up getting lost, lots and finished the evening by killing a stone troll. Anyway my miniatures are stored in a BattleFoam bag and my biggest complaint has always been ‘there isn’t much room’. Tonight I made the startling realisation that it has two layers.

Now I have only had this thing five years or so… I may have known when I got it, but if I had done then it was totally forgotten! So there is lots of room for big miniatures now…

Talking of big!

These are the turbine blades for our wind farm they are absolutely massive. They fill up the deck of the ship!

5 thoughts on “Whoops, what a Twit!

  1. Wow Steve five years!! that not bad, but at least you found out before it was worn out and being discarded like some one I know, checking all compartment before throwing out, you may just find a forgotten one with some money in it!! Ha HA !!

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