This evening I actually sat down and painted things.

Vae Victus cultists with Duncan Shadow Beastmen

I fully intended to paint the Witch Hunters, but these came out of the shelf first. Not a huge amount, but definitely a start.

The FDM printer has been busy too…this is where we are up to on the fortified gate.

I am printing one of the tower roofs now and once the second one is done then we will be onto the gate itself. The roof of the building detaches… it also has a slot for a portcullis inside.

Hopefully I shall carry on tomorrow, but with friends arriving at four then it may not be a huge amount.

6 thoughts on “A Good Start to 2023

  1. Ah, so you asking for a view on which figures to paint first on your blog is like me being asked at home what I want for my tea – I can express an opinion and people can just choose to ignore it! 😉 Having said that, your painting’s worked well and got you started on a warband/faction! 🙂


    1. To be fair I fully intended to follow your advice, but when I did the undercoat these were done first, I never got around to undercoating the rest… these were ready to paint, the others were not. So don’t feel bad old chap, I will do the Witch Hunters next 1😉

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