Well by now everyone who reads this will have made it into 2023.

I just wanted to wish everyone health, wealth and happiness for 2023.

In February 2022 I decided to call a halt to the daily blog. Well I had got up to 920 days straight.

I was feeling a bit disheartened as I was convinced I had achieved nothing this year hobbywise. I was wrong, over the year I actually achieved quite a bit.

I managed to print and paint an entire undead army that I had totally forgotten about.

I eventually finished off the 6mm Italian Wars stuff I started in 2021. To be fair, the fact I dropped a filament spool into the two Pike blocks I had finished and put a downer on the whole project.

Early in the year I did whole load of 28mm Flintloque miniatures for both my Silver Bayonet games and for my mate.

I also did a whole host of 15mm Sengoku Monster Hunter stuff for my mate as well as made him a host of market stalls for his birthday.

There were loads of other bits and bobs I worked on. The FDM printer made a whole load of terrain and the Resin one worked a lot in printing dwarves for Joe as well as various bits for me and the Geek club.

This is now my 11th day in a row, I doubt I will pass the 920 day record I set myself, but you never know.

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