So I now have four Warbands printed… I am struggling to choose a one to start with. So it’s over to you guys to help me out…

I have witch-hunters, undead, Sisters of Sigmar and the Possessed

Which would You choose and why?

I am a bit behind as I had to reprint various things as I had some epic print failures as well as completely messing up the scaling up and down notes ( the ones to stop me messing up the scaling up and down. This meant that my flagellants were very tall chaps.

I have done a test print of a rat-man warrior. I just have to glue him together in a bit to see how he looks size wise.

So if you were me, what ‘gang’ would you go for and why?

12 thoughts on “Choices, Choices

  1. Witch Hunters! ‘Cause you could also use them for Silver Bayonet, so twice as likely to get ’em into games! I’m imagining the undead might be relatively easy to paint (for you, definitely not for me) so they could be up next! So there you go, those are your choices if no-one else casts a vote! 😉

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  2. Witch hunters – but for different reasons to John. Because for my money nothing is as iconic of Mordheim as them. Once you’ve got them painted up you’ll know you’ve arrived in the city of the damned! Then you’ll need some baddies for them to persecute/bring to justice – I’d pick possessed but I can’t fault John’s logic for undead.

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  3. Sisters of Sigmar because they are different and also could be used for “warrior nuns” in Silver Bayonet. You could work up a great back story for them. Besides they have big weapons! Great for taking on vampires and the like.

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