Sometimes living in a cave can be dangerous… especially when this pair is in there too 🫣🫣🫣

I just went for high speed slapping paint on and attempting a sort of blend before the lighter colours dried. I think I achieved what I was aiming for. I couldn’t be bothered to get up and get my fast drying basing glue so I liberally coated the base in runny superglue and then shoved the mini in the base ready tub. I think this is why the bear has lost his toes. I also liberally spread superglue on my desk as I forgot the base had a hole in it!

Today I tried the FDM printer again… I haven’t used it for well over a year, but I checked over oiled bits and ran a quick test print… aka what was on the card.

Based on the model I still have to lower the build plate a smudge as the raft looks really thin. Furthermore the filament has sat there on the spool all year so has probably adsorbed some moisture and finally the model is a 28mm one shrunk right down to small scale… actually it is a bloody miracle I have anything to show for the 2 hours and 14 minutes it took.

Hopefully Joe will be round for a game tomorrow evening so I doubt I will get any printing or painting done.

11 thoughts on “Big Beastie Fight

  1. Okay, I have to admit the Contrast paints on these two monsters looks fantastic, and easier to pull off than base with mid-tone, wash and highlight. Here’s hoping you do get a game in tomorrow!

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