Tonight I got another pair done…

So here we have the scary boat and the witch with her basket of apples. To be honest if I were that boat I would avoid that red and green apple like the plague.

Again these were done in contrast. I did mix the flesh tone on the witch by adding a putrid green to the flesh colour. They won’t win any prizes but hey, they were both done in about an hour so that will do me. As the motto says you can have quick or good. I go for quick and okay every time.

Sadly there was no game tonight as all three of my kids were feeling crap today.

Finally … Exciting news… I am escaping my rock and going to my first wargames convention in about 12 years. I have booked the ferry for me and my son to go to SELWG on 6th August.

We were a bit naughty and got a cabin going down so it came in at £190… you can see why conventions don’t occur that often. Oh the above price was with my islander discount. The cabin is the killer at £121.

There were none on the way back but we can sleep when we get home. I now have to find some form of accommodation for two nights. Wish me luck!

15 thoughts on “Here Piggy, Piggy

  1. Those miniatures came out looking good–all the more so given you did them in an hour.

    I hope you have fun at your convention in August. Good job getting a discount on a nice place to stay during your trip.

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