Today I got both remaining Ogre Doppelsoldners finished. Tomorrow I will base them all up… but here are the last three done.

As you can see, I went for bronze armour for the last of them. So that is all of them done. One in Speedpaints and the rest in Contrast. The straps on the best plates were a sod to do carefully so a bit of re-undercoating took place. Luckily it was Contrast so there was no issue.

Interestingly Dana Howl has done a video comparing both ranges and in this she says that Army painters are not for beginners which is interesting in itself. Dana’s video . Are we going to see lots more people doing something similar now. I have noticed a few YouTube channels that are mentioning problems more openly.

Dana did say that the longer drying time of the Speedpaints allowed for good blending among other things.

13 thoughts on “Final Ogre Finished

  1. It’s her upcoming video about watercolor like blending that I’m most interested in. She first hinted about it a while ago and I’m glad it’s getting closer. It’s one of the reason I still have my preorder. Having a permanently set up airbrush station so that I can seal layers quickly if I really need to also doesn’t hurt..

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    1. I am a more slap the paint on painter, than watercolour blending type 🤫. It gets armies on the table faster, except of course the thousands I have painted over the last couple of years have never seen a table. I think it is why I took so well to contrast paint, and probably why I was so disappointed with the Speedpaints. I don’t have an airbrush station and paint on varnish does exactly the same thing I have heard, but it us one thing I didn’t test out.


      1. The watercolor thing has me interested, but slapping paint onto board game miniatures is my other plan for them. That will be very much the single layer and done painting they are advertised as. Hopefully. My thought one those is that if I go outside of the lines a bit and thing end up a little sloppy I’ll just keep going rather than trying to fix it. If I don’t try to white out mistakes the reactivation shouldn’t matter. It will just leave things a bit muddier looking. Which is fine for board games. That’s what I’ve told myself anyway. Someday they’ll ship and I’ll find out if I’m right.

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      2. To be honest if you look at my 6mm Italian wars, I slapped two colours on then painted white for hands and faces, which is how I had a problem. Some do look like they have yellow fever 🤒


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