Well after a bit of a wobbly few weeks, the printer seems to behaving itself (I know I have just doomed myself there). I relevelled yesterday and cranked the bottom layers to 7 in the hope that the model would adhere to the build plate and not the plastic… fingers crossed it is working. So far I am nine for nine on the success front. Here they are, they are going to be two separate units in the end. One unit of twelve pile and one of twelve halberdiers.

I am printing the same three pike at the minute to be the front rank. The second rank will be at attention. I will print another six random halberdiers too. Now I was having a look at Lion Rampant and this lot aren’t I. It as it seems to stop at the Wars of the Roses. I will have to have a mooch at some home brew ideas for the late Renaissance.

Now today Dave over on The Imperfect modeller had painted a very nice miniature with a Lion Rampant on the shield… I had mentioned how we see things today and how they were represented in the past… this is what I was talking about… here we see a modern representation of the flag of the Holy Roman Empire from around 1515 (I think)…

A rather funky two headed eagle, however this is an original painting from 1515… spot the difference…

Now a lad I knew from the re-enactment day’s was well into costume and has written a number of books about uniforms… he went to various museums and saw original kit from the early 19th century and made accurate representations of what he had found… no-one would buy it or was interested in it as It didn’t look good… Going back to the painting of the shield designs, I reckon not everyone was an artist… I rest my case… Lion Rampant on a shield!

One of my favourite ‘reference’ material is the ‘Morgan’ Bible here we see another Lion Rampant.

7 thoughts on “Shhhhh It’s Working!

    1. Good point, it actually got me thinking about Trajan’s column… it has an amazing depiction of a Sarmatian cataphract. Someone had told the artist/ carver that the cavalry and horses were fully armoured… so they did just that…including the legs on the horse. I wonder if when it was first presented that old soldiers and old Trajan from the campaign went WTF… who the heck carved that!

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