Today has definitely been a day for the Queen, I spent most of this evening extremely annoyed. Partly at myself, but also at other people…or one person in particular who for whatever reason is not a team player. Anyway enough of my whining, I went the shed to see how yesterday’s print went and flipping heck another print completed. I set it away again and after a few minutes of grumping (still) I realised that the build plate was still hanging up. So after a bit more muttering, I cleaned the vat and set it away with three more bills. This time with them at attention to go for a second row. Tomorrow I have to decide whether to have the second pike rank at attention or similar to the bills …in mid poke.

Anyway I managed to crack on with the samurai and got them nearly there…

I am going to base them on 20×40 with eight to a base (I think). I still have to decide on a mon for the sashimono. To be honest it will probably be a simple dot or two.

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