Nope we are not talking golf here, there is in fact a small hole in me, I got my second Covid jab today and as such am a bit headachey, but otherwise I seem fine. I stood next to the freezer and you will be pleased (but probably not surprised) to hear that I had not become magnetic. Yeah there are people out there who for some reason think it will make them.

Anyway I checked the horses from yesterday and sadly one didn’t print, one had half a leg missing, one had a separate leg part and the third was missing the end of the traces. I don’t have a team, but I can probably rustle up a pair.

I reckon the failures on the prints is down to poor support placement, I am not sure why one of them failed totally though!

I am giving them another go in a different orientation to see if that will help, fingers crossed 🤞.

They should be done in about an hour and a half..but I am having an early night so I might find out tomorrow morning if they are done properly… I just had a peep and there seemed to be four things printing.

One thing that is a bit annoying is that I want these miniatures a certain size and am dropping it to 85%. This means that the presupported miniatures are no good for me as the minute you change scale then the easier it is for the supports to fail. I am therefore having to learn support placement as I go along!

My lord if the rings or my caveman miniatures are the ‘correct’ size for me. This means the supports work all the time.

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