I deliberately had a night off tonight, I am tired and thought sod it, I will start downloading all the things I have got on Patreon and Kickstarter…errrr there is rather a lot… things would have gone quicker if I hadn’t downloaded 4 GB of things I had already downloaded.

I managed to get the bits of the coach put together….

I remembered to put the driver on it this time 😉

I am busy printing the horses now… as things seem to be working I am doing all four at once… wish my luck. The temperature is dropping so hopefully it won’t affect things too much. These are the longest print I will be doing so far..over six hours due to the fact that they are basically stood on their tails, raising their height, and in doing so the print time… I also slowed down the lift speed and made it higher, supposedly it helps.

I also had a mooch at the Aliens RPG… I thought I should as I am running a game on Friday, it will mostly be character creation, but some sort of game introductory session will be required 😉.

3 thoughts on “Sort of a Day Off

    1. Hi Eric, I dropped the size down to fit in with my Mordheim sized miniatures. So think that size. As for what … I have wanted a coach and four since Mordheim went into the wilds, made one myself out of balsa years ago. To be honest I will probably paint it up, put it in box and never see it again for a few years.


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