Well this is me on the second day after my jab and although I don’t feel crap, I don’t feel 100% either. Because of this I cancelled my game tonight and redid my horses from yesterday…

I had to redo them as a couple had totally gone weird, it probably got too cold and the resin thickened a bit causing problems. Luckily today was red hot…okay it was warm, so as I had got home early due to the head then I set the printer away with nice warm, runny resin. They worked a treat. One advantage of having extra horses is that I can now have a pair for my Brougham…

I will try and get myself on with some painting tomorrow. I have so much to catch up on now, the Arbites being a case in point. I doubt I will get much done tomorrow evening as my mate is coming over for another barbecue and to work on the characters for the Aliens game.

11 thoughts on “The Coach is on a Roll

  1. Nice carriages! good that you could use the spare horses. I know a lot of people have felt crap after the jabs, however I felt fine after both, so I do wonder if it’s got something to do with my lowered immune system.

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Sorry for the tardy replies Steve but I have had to drive to the other end of the state to clear out a house we have there that we sold and its a nine hour drive one way!!! lucky it only took a few days but even that amount of time has put me well behind as you will notice!
    Your perseverance has payed of and I have to say the coach is very handsome! One thing though I will never purchase a 3 D printer!!! Id go insane!!

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