Well as you may have guessed by now I am a bit of a geek and Geeks love Geeky films, Indiana Jones fitting that category. So this evening whilst swearing at the printer I realised the similarity between myself and a character in the film…

I realised that I was a bit like Sturmbannführer Arnold Ernst Toht…okay not the sadistic Nazi torturer part, nor the bit where his face melts…apologies for the spoiler there, but the part where he had only part of the Staff of Rah height and not the reverse.

Tonight I was still having problems… so I decided to level the bed again and in doing so reread read the manual….

Some total pillock forgot to do point 6. To be fair to myself my last printer didn’t have a point six and everything was ready to go at point five…

I am not absolutely sure, but after doing said point six I managed to get this lot off the printer!

I tried these twice yesterday and got a wheel out of it, so here is hoping that I managed to get it sorted. I am printing the carriage roof and luggage just now so I will find out tomorrow. After the roof I have the horses to do and the carriage should be all done.

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