So today’s annoying adventures revolves around wheels… or lack of them. I set the old printer away expecting to see two sets of two wheels, instead I got one large and one small. Both of these were at the front of the build plate, so I strained the resin and redid them… I once again got two wheels, and I know what you are thinking.. two large, two small…what is his problem…Sadly the printer decided to mess with my head by printing two wheels on the right of the build plate… AKA… two large wheels! So I now have three large wheels and one small wheel! You seriously couldn’t make this up!!!

Anyway the coach is slowly getting there….

I forgot to add the driver into the photo!

I also did some work on the 15mm samurai and villagers…

It was a bit of a damp evening when I went to lock up the hens, but it did have it‘s advantages…Calm and relaxing evening .

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