Well, I suppose sort of might be a better way of putting it…

I spent a good deal of this evening sorting out a build plate with four miniatures, two shields and lots of weapons for them all… I came back to the printer to find this…

Now the mathematically astute will notice a distinct lack of number 4 miniature and the more observant will also notice a one legged man. There are also a lot of the weapons missing too, not to mention the bottoms of the two hand guns… I managed to print the hand to hold the shotgun, only to find I had printed the right hand instead of the left.

So I did what I could with the bits I had and came up with these two (plus the power maul for the sergeant)…

I decided to print them all again. This time I noticed that the bolt pistol and grenade pistol were actually sitting in mid air, so sorted that out! I also supported the heck out of everything that I could. Further to this I increased the lift height and slowed down the lift speed as the FEP was certainly being pulled upwards by the suction. On second thoughts, I have just realised that I increased the lift speed…. doh!

On the up side these are nearly finished…

I am rather pleased that I now have a long weekend… no work for four days! I need the above finished by lunchtime as my mate is coming around for his Birthday Barbecue around 16.00. I do need to go shopping for all of the barbecue food and drinks, but hopefully I can get the wash on them and highlights done. He might have to wait until Saturday (his birthday) to actually get them as it allows me to get some PVA on the bases as well as getting them varnished. The extras will have to come a bit later on.

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