This evening I took my miniatures out to be sprayed. I duly put them on my spinning cake iced thingy and set to work…

I was merrily spraying and turning the thing when for some reason the top popped off the cake thing. My newly sprayed miniatures went flying…one managed to get about three metres away from me. Two snapped and three shed their bases. Luckily I managed to find all of the bits and re glued everything… well after fighting with the superglue nozzle that is.

These are ready for painting… not sure of the colours yet, but I am thinking blue with yellow helmets. I will hopefully manage to start tomorrow.

I Still haven’t unboxed the ELEGOO yet, I did download Chitubox and have a play with that… if I were to be picky then I would say the Anycubic slicer software is actually easier to use. Hoping I haven’t made a big mistake on trying a new machine and software.

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