Today I managed to find some Rustoleum Gun metal spray paint. O thought I would give the old helmet a once over… probably should have tried it on some scraps first…

Now this thing is my test piece so perhaps this is the scraps but it is now a sort of metallic colour. I will give it another once over tomorrow.

One of the interesting things I found was the nose guard bent, you can probably just see the line across it. This shows me that I need some kind of support in behind it… this is definitely a learning curve. I think over the next few days then I will try another one using my trusty, rusty scroll saw…

At least using this then the cuts should be vertical and not need filling as much. I am not certain but I think I bought this before we moved to Shetland in 2006… now to be fair I might have brought it back from an Aldi sometime after that, but I cannot remember doing so. There again, my good lady spoke about the gerbils we had when my eldest was small.. I have absolutely no knowledge of any gerbils in this house whatsoever

I will carry on fiddling with this aspect of a hobby as I do really enjoy it. on the next helmet I am going to try simple decorations too… plus someone very kindly shared a place where I can get faux horsehair crests (well I actually have a genuine horse hair crest, but it is for my Corinthian helmet 😉).

Now if we get back to the helmet above, I am going to have to work out how to ‘hide the messy bits. In hindsight some simple decorative features would have done the trick, but as we know hindsight is a great thing. I could actually just sand off the paint and add some embellishments…I will let you know what I come up with.

A cap of iron and leather would have been the easiest to achieve. I have some 2mm foam that would work for the metal part. The rest would be done like the bracer… big thinks, being thunk!

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