Tonight I spent a very long time hunting for circular bases and in the end found none, in a burst of inspiration… Suddenly I remembered that I had a small draw full of bases that I got with my Flintloque miniatures. Up until this evening I couldn’t think of a use for them. That changed tonight.

I actually really like these as the bases for the miniatures. I might actually use them for the Frost miniatures too. I will have to see how many I have, but I have ones for Infantry and cavalry as well as some bigger ones too, that might work for trolls etc.

I am going to get the printer up and running tomorrow. First thing I will do is the extra couple of miniatures to finish this squad off… I am quite nervous about it just in case it does t work properly.

Oh while I remember the RAV4 came back from the garage today, my pocket is lighter by £1055.88…ouchers!

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