So tonight I thought would crack on with the final six bases, I didn’t start until nearly 21.00 so unfortunately I failed in my attempt to get them finished….

Cloth, plumes weapons and shields still to do. I reckon if I hadn’t run out of steam then these would be at the same stage as the rest. It’s a bit annoying, but I might take them with me in the caravan tomorrow.

I am hoping I will be able to post something tomorrow, as we are off gallivanting then I am sure the other blog will get an airing.

To be honest, my other blog was going to feature these things…

What are these strange things bobbing around in the sea in various locations around Shetland? Answers on a postcard please…out of interest the big white building in the photo is Bixter shop… to the far left (out of shot) you can often see seals hauled up on the rocks.

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