Yeah, someone forgot three bases that were sitting there in plain view. So as they were pretty easy to sort out so I went for these first…

So we still have these to go…

Hopefully I will get some of them done tomorrow, I am taking the caravan away on Saturday night so I may not get them all done this weekend, but I shall try.

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed doing these, I think they were as easy as I had hoped they would be. Basically a lot of bronze and a lot of flesh with a few tunics and cloth thrown in for good measure. As I said in yesterday’s post … the transfers were a godsend, and the Contrast paint has also helped.

The printer is still buggered, so my extra couple of Astartes are still waiting to be printed. To be honest my list of STL’s is now vast and will take a while (a century) to print.

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