Well if you remember, I said I wouldn’t get much done on these this evening as I would be off gallivanting in the caravan, well… I didn’t!

I got it all sorted this morning with the change of tyre and jockey wheel only to find the off side had decided not to turn!

We went out for the day…Puffins and on the way back the clutch went on the car!

So we stayed in and I got to finish my Greeks… every cloud has a silver lining as they say!

So there they are, the final six stands. Here we have the full phalanx…

Hopefully I will get the whole army based, or at least get all the bases painted.

Regarding the printer, Amazon has sent me a refund, so this evening I ordered a new printer. I have managed to get a better ( and bigger) Printer for £10 less than my Zero. This time I have gone for an ELEGOO Mars. I could have gone for the pro, but it seemed to be an extra £100 fir an inch and a half higher build capacity. It should be here by Tuesday.

I might have to start on my mates miniatures soon too.

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