So this evening I got everything to the point of getting the transfers onto the shields then I read the instructions!

After spending an age painting bronze shields, I then had to repaint them white. You can see why on the right hand shield above.

I will get the new ones covered tomorrow. These transfers aren’t like I am used to, they have a sticky front that you apply to the shield then you wet the backing paper and remove it. I reckon I will need a bit of practice as the backing paper hides the shield.

3 thoughts on “Spot the Difference

  1. I can remember making a model ship year ago that was motorised so you could sail it on a pond or the like. It had waterslide transfers that were waterproof, so they were super sticky and once you got them in position you could not move them! I think I managed to get most of them on without a problem but it took some careful planning.

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